Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

Economic Development Meets Human Development—Website for Internships
Through partnerships across our educational institutions, there is already a database to connect internship coordinators across the entire system. However:

The Problem

• San Joaquin Valley has a low-skilled worker population.
• Lack of professional development opportunities for young professionals.
The Cause
• Businesses are reluctant to develop internship programs.
• No single resource for businesses to connect with Valley colleges/universities and students for internships, career fairs, facility tours, service learning projects, etc.
The Solution
Develop a self-sustaining, integrated website with the following utility:
o Post internship positions at one location. Students may search and apply directly online.
o Connect businesses to the “right” person at education entities, specifically aligning to their internship needs.
o Internship toolkit--develop an effective internship program; paid v. unpaid internships; resume evaluation; interview questions.
o Promote career fairs.
o Wish list- students may submit what they are looking for and we can help them get connected.
The Benefits for Businesses
• Access to the up and coming “crème of the crop.”
• One source to post internship positions, connect with internship coordinators at colleges/universities.
• Understand the skills of the next generation of workers.
• Provide feedback to the colleges/universities regarding gaps in skills/training, work ethic, and other curriculum suggestions.
• Actively participate in increasing our higher education system and grow our skilled workforce.
The Request—Community Support
To launch, the project needs 10 sponsorships at $500. They are tax deductible. For more information contact Jen Paul at 559.347.3908 or jenpaul@csufresno.edu. Thank you to the FBC board members that wrote at check at this morning’s board meeting! This is a highly leveraged, highly impactful strategy to connect two groups that want to meet—they just need onramps and a platform.

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