Monday, April 19, 2010

April 12, 2010

Message From the Chair Emeritus—Richard Johanson
After being present for over thirty thousand sunrises over our beautiful Sierras, I remain convinced that one of the highest rewards of a long life is being inspired by people and events that surround us. Among the highest of people inspirers in my life are those dedicated men and women who are unselfishly giving of their time and talents in developing programs designed to improve the quality of life for all among us. It is to the credit of so many community-minded members of the Fresno Business Council that they are high among these inspiration creators. Because of those who care so deeply, each day we grow closer to the dawn when we shall celebrate the attainment of our long sought civic transformation. That’ll be an inspirational sunrise worth working for. Let’s bring it on!

UC Merced Offering Class on Energy for Sustainability in Fresno, May 14 & 15
Government policies will have a large impact on which technologies are developed and which communities prosper as we shift away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. UC Merced is offering a class on energy for sustainability in Fresno. The course is being offered on May 14 and 15 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the UC Merced Center—550 E. Shaw Avenue. For more detailed course information and to enroll: . For more information call 559.241.7512.

The course was designed for professionals in private (utility, renewable energy, clean tech, building design/construction) and public sectors, who wish to advance, switch or begin careers in sustainable energy related functions across commercial, industrial, residential, corporate and government sectors. City/community planners, facility managers, energy officers, architects, engineers, project managers, developers, builders, contractors, urban planners, municipal agencies, policy makers, energy consultants, environmental services, sustainability managers, business managers, non-profit agencies who are interested in a broader, deeper understanding of sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, or green building; decision-makers and individuals who recognize the importance of planning renewable energy communities and their global impacts will also find this course of interest.

One Option—Nuclear
Many of you may have attended the EDC’s special event to hear Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of the French nuclear energy company, Areva. The Fresno Nuclear Energy Group formed three years ago to explore the possibility of an energy park in western Fresno County. The park would feature solar and wind technology in addition to nuclear. The package would decrease energy costs, create jobs, build the economy and improve air quality. Clearly, the more people who are well informed about opportunities, possibilities, and long term implications the wiser our collective community will become and the better decisions we will make. To learn more about the EDC Clean Energy Cluster call 476-2500 x 115.

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