Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15, 2009

Celebrate Entrepreneurship-Impact of the Lyles Center
Last night the Lyles Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Fresno State held its year end dinner event. Year by year the spirit of entrepreneurship has been building in the San Joaquin Valley as representatives from the Lyles Center have developed incubators and programs in community colleges, entrepreneurship classes in high schools and spread Kids Invent Toys, Food, Games, etc. through summer camps.

Graduates and students still working on their degrees are starting businesses, developing products and services and learning skills that will serve them for a life time as they adapt, create and inspire there way through life's challenges.

While clearly driven by high standards for excellence and a sense of competition, the Lyles Center is also creating a culture of collaboration, mutual support and and fun. As each student and graduate spoke of their experiences, everyone expressed their deep appreciation for their teachers, their mentors (many business people have stepped up) and their colleagues. Any time we doubt that one person can make a difference, think about the impact Professor Tim Stearns has had on our community. In addition to inspiring generations of entrepreneurs, Tim has played a central role in community collaboratives including the RJI and the Central Valley Business Incubator. Standing with Tim at the root of all this change is Dr. John Welty. He has provided a steadfast platform for a host of initiatives that are transforming the social and economic conditions of the Central Valley and demonstrating what an engaged university can accomplish.

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